Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hans Kammler

In recent years Kammler has become associated with apocryphal Nazi super weapons such as "Die Glocke". The first suggestion along these lines came from author Nick Cook, who in his "The Hunt for Zero Point" (2001) raised the possibility that Kammler was brought to the United States along with other German scientists as part of Operation Paperclip as a result of his supposed involvement in secret German projects. Joseph P. Farrell's "Reich of the Black Sun" (2005) casts further doubt upon the facts surrounding his death, however his only references are to the book "Blunder! How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Supersecrets to Russia" (1985) by self-identified "British Intelligence agent" Tom Agoston.

In reality, unlike many other war criminals who escaped from Europe at the end of World War II, such as Josef Mengele, there have been no sightings of Kammler since the end of the war, and it might indeed have been that he did die in 1945. However, although Kammler was primarily an administrator rather than a physicist or rocket engineer, and it would appear unlikely that he would have been considered suitable for recruitment by the US, the fact that he was in charge of very many secret and high level research projects, would have given him very high currency with the US intelligence services, probably enough to get him a ticket to safety across the Atlantic.

Source: Wikipedia