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National Geographic Hitler's Secret Weapons

Nazi UFO Conspiracy - Documentary

Where do flying saucers originate? Do they carry aliens from other worlds? Or is the truth actually a lot stranger. During World War II the Nazi's employed scientists to re-imagine the boundaries of scientific thought and practise. Many in the field of advanced weapon design - the programme that produced the V1 and V2 rockets that rained on Britain. But did this same unit produce rudimentary flying saucers? Declassified military documents detail the numerous reports by allied pilots of 'foo fighters', unusual craft with incredible acceleration engaging them in the skies above Germany. In addition there was the Nazi 'Der Glocke' or 'The Bell' project for a vertical take-off vehicle, which resembles eyewitness reports of a UFO crash in Pennsylvania after the war. Thousands of Nazi scientists were brought to the US at the end of the war. Are these men, and the projects they continued to work on in America, responsible to little green men, 400 UFO sightings a month and even the Holy Grail for ufologists, the Roswell incident?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Silbervogel, German for silver bird, was a design for a rocket-powered sub-orbital bomber aircraft produced by Eugen Sänger andIrene Bredt in the late 1930s for The Third Reich/Nazi Germany. It is also known as the RaBo (Raketenbomber or "rocket bomber"). It was one of a number of designs considered for the Amerika Bomber mission, which started out in the spring of 1942 being focused solely on trans-Atlantic range piston-engined strategic bombers, like the Messerschmitt Me 264 and Junkers Ju 390, the only two airframe types actually built and flown for the competition. When Walter Dornberger attempted to create interest in militaryspaceplanes in the United States after World War II, he chose the more diplomatic term antipodal bomber.


The design was a significant one, as it incorporated new rocket technology, and the principle of the lifting body, foreshadowing future development of winged spacecraft such as the X-20 Dyna-Soarof the 1960s and the Space Shuttle of the 1970s. In the end, it was considered too complex and expensive to produce. The design never went beyond mock up test.

The Silbervogel was intended to fly long distances in a series of short hops. The aircraft was to have begun its mission propelled along a 3 km (2 mi) long rail track by a large rocket-powered sled to about 800 km/h (500 mph). Once airborne, it was to fire its own rocket engine and continue to climb to an altitude of 145 km (90 mi), at which point it would be travelling at some 5,000 km/h (3,100 mph). It would then gradually descend into the stratosphere, where the increasing air density would generate lift against the flat underside of the aircraft, eventually causing it to "bounce" and gain altitude again, where this pattern would be repeated. Because of drag, each bounce would be shallower than the preceding one, but it was still calculated that the Silbervogel would be able to cross the Atlantic, deliver a 4,000 kg (8,800 lb) bomb to the continental US, and then continue its flight to a landing site somewhere in the Japanese held Pacific, a total journey of 19,000 to 24,000 km (12,000 to 15,000 mi).

Postwar analysis of the Silbervogel design involving a mathematical control analysis unearthed a computational error and it turned out that the heat flow during the initial re-entry would have been far higher than originally calculated by Sänger and Bredt; if the Silbervogel had been constructed according to their flawed calculations the craft would have been destroyed during re-entry. The problem could have been solved by augmenting the heat shield, but this would have reduced the craft's already small payload capacity.

5-5 Nazi UFO Secrets of WWII

A rare old VHS tape converted to digital. Isn't it funny how main stream media never talks about the German anti gravity flying machines?

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The second teaser for Iron Sky - the upcoming scifi comedy from the creators of Star Wreck. The teaser contains footage you will see in the finished film.

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Jim Marrs : The Rise of the Fourth Reich

Jim Marrs has gathered compelling evidence that an effort has been underway for the past 60 years to bring a form of National Socialism to modern America, creating in essence a modern empire--or Fourth Reich. He reveals the frighteningly real possibility that the United States is ruled today by the same wealthy elite that originally funded the Nazis and fueled by their terrifying ideology we thought vanquished more than a half century ago.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mengele's Twin Experiments - An Aryan Master Race In Brazil?

There are over ten times more twins in a small Brazilian town than elsewhere on average. An Argentinian historian claims that this is the result of Josef Mengele's genetic experiments.

Josef Mengele (1911-1979) was known as the Angel of Death. The Nazi doctor was notorious for performing medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau from 1943 to 1945. He was also responsible for sending thousands of hapless Jews, Gypsies and other inmates to a certain death in gas chambers.

After World War II Mengele escaped to South America. Historian Jorge Camarasa interviewed people living in the small Brazilian town of Candido Godoi. He believes that Mengele continued his experiments there with the aim of creating a master race of blue-eyed Aryans. In this farming community, one in five pregnancies resulted in twins. Most of them were blond, blue-eyed "Aryans".

The twin boom began in 1963, which roughly corresponds to the time when an itinerant medic now thought to be none other than Mengele was first seen in the area.

In his new book Mengele: the Angel of Death in South America Camarasa recounts the post-war odyssey of the chief Nazi eugenicist. He says that Mengele probably found refuge in one of the German enclaves in South America and continued his experiments even after Israeli agents seized his compatriot and fellow war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

The Nazi race ideology owes much to the writings of Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). A professor of zoology who was the chief spokesman for Darwinian evolution in continental Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century, Haeckel is still remembered for his fraudulent embryo drawings. Less well known are his views on the inferiority of the black "races". Like Charles Darwin, he thought they were less evolved than the white "races".

While genetic studies have indicated that the entire concept of race is artificial, the Nazis sought to help natural selection in weeding out the less fit individuals and, probably reflecting the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), building a new Aryan super race.

The inhabitants of Candido Godoi remember Mengele as a friendly veterinarian and itinerant medic, who used the name Rudolph Weiss.

At Auschwitz, Mengele was known as the White Angel (der weisse Engel. His adopted surname Weiss is the German word for white. While this might be a mere coincidence, it could also be evidence for for his deep-seated acceptance of the Nazi race ideology.


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