Sunday, 5 December 2010

The New Nazi Bell By Tim Ventura

In 2001, a California defense-contractor built a replica of the fabled Nazi-Bell. It worked. Get the story behind the story of “Einstein’s Antigravity”, and how a simple research project turned into a mind-blowing jaunt through history’s biggest conspiracy…

In January 2005 I published “Einstein’s Antigravity” as an in-depth overview of the Nazi-Bell device. It was simultaneously one of the best stories that I’ve ever written, and also one of the most  frustrating. I'd also have to call it the strangest story that I've done, for several reasons -- not the least of which being that it’s the only serious "conspiracy theory" that I've ever published. I wouldn't have written it if the facts didn't check out, which makes the story itself just keep getting stranger.

Full ebook available here:

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