Friday, 12 November 2010

The Concept Of A Hollow Earth Is A Theory That Refuses To Die!

Explore the bizarre world under the Poles! Journey with renown researcher Tim Swartz as he attempts to unravel Admiral Richard E Byrd's mysterious journey to find a secret subterranean world! Here is evidence that the great adventurer actually ventured beyond the poles into a rich land inhabited by a race of superbeings as well as possibly refugee scientists and SS members of Hitler's dreaded Nazi regime.

Examine many contraversial ideas, including:
  • How the world was formed.
  • The existence of the mythological lands of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule. 
  • The development of the Flying Saucer. 
  • The mysterious lands and people of the Far North. 
  • Operation Highjump - Antarctic Attack! 
  • Did Hitler Escape to Antarctica? 
  • Britain's Secret War at the Poles. 
  • Did an Inner World race give the German's UFO technology?  
This book contains many important illustrations, art work and documents for the serious student to study.

The concept of a hollow earth has been with us for a long time. Most so-called serious researchers would like to sweep the theory under the run. The truth is as an alternative book publisher I have discovered that there are more people prone to accept that UFOs originate from inside our own planet than from some far off world in space....This book makes thrilling reading.

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